User Research Package: Comprehension Test

Get your own user research done end-to-end by the team at!

This testing package will give you clarity on whether or not a single home page, product page or landing page is conveying the correct message, and give you a measurement of how difficult or easy to use the screen is from your target audience.

It's perfect if you're about to launch a new product or service - you'll get real human eyes on your page to take the risk out of your launch, BEFORE you spend your whole ad budget getting no responses.

We don't use bots or AI agents. We are a human research company, for companies with human customers.

You will learn:

  1. If customers can understand what you offer and how it will improve their lives
  2. If customers can figure out how to take up your offer
  3. How much effort it is to take up your offer

This package includes:

  • Test planning and setup for 1 static screen
  • Recruitment of participants
  • Running test
  • Test results analysis
  • Zip file of the raw data outputs - images and CSV text
  • Summary report with metrics and evaluation
  • Exec summary slide in 16:9 format, PNG and PDF

No effort is required from you after you complete our simple 5-minute briefing form.

Want to test drive?

For an example of this package's test setup and output, check out our May 2023 Comprehension test article.

Your report will look very similar to this, only not public – unless you're cool with that!

We also include an exec summary slide with all the main data points and insights.

The fine print

We aim to complete all projects within 5 business days of receiving a completed briefing form, so you won't be waiting weeks for results.

For testing multiple variations of the same page, increase the Quantity of your order before you check out.

As this test is a static image test, measuring complex interactivity is not suitable for this package. We are currently working on our prototype testing package to service this need.

We operate on GMT +8 business hours.

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A simple user research package to test your homepage, product page, or landing page to see how well customers understand your offer.


User Research Package: Comprehension Test

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